Chef Chuck's Fiorentina Steak

Bistecca Fiorentina

Reservations only, we just returned from our trip to Italy, and what an amazing trip it was. From Brescia to Milan, Florence and the Amalfi coast, everyday was an adventure. I was on a local and national television station promoting the foods of the Brescia area, and my love for Italy. We traveled to find the best steak in the world, in Tuscany. We really did need reservations to purchase this 3 inch thick beauty, but with our sweet talking the butcher, Dario, agreed over a glass of Chianti. This steak is a famous dish of the Tuscan region, specifically from the Chianina cow, a white cow, dated back to the 800's. Like no other meat it was superior, so tender and flavorful, it melted in our mouths! If you don't like rare meat this recipe is not for you. A meal fit for the noble ones.

Fiorentina Steak

1 fiorentina steak
3 inches thick
salt and pepper

Heat pan to a searing heat, cook steak for 5 minutes on each side, then stand up on bone and cook an additional 15 minutes, season with salt and pepper.


  1. wow, that's a thick steak! Looks fantastic!

  2. Hello Bob, This thickness is what the Tuscans call normal for this unique cut! The taste was phenomenal!
    Thank you

  3. Welcome back Chef! I hope to learn a thing or two with some new recipes you learned along the way sometime soon. Wow, just look at that thick cut. Now that is my kind of meal!

  4. Hello Bridgett, Thank you! O yes, I have some new recipes I can't wait to share !!
    Refreshed and ready to go......
    Your the best, Chuck

  5. Hi
    Take a look at the real Florentine steak or Bistecca alla Fiorentina in Italy language ;-)

  6. You so very welcome!! Thank you ;~)