Chef Chuck's Pasta with Pesto

Trofie al Pesto
This pesto pasta recipe is unique in it's own way with the additive of potatoes and trofie pasta.  Trofie is a hand rolled pasta, sometimes hard to find in the states.  It can be achieved by making homemade pasta, cutting small pieces and rolling it on the table.  The texture was appealing between the potatoes and the pasta.  A quick and simple recipe for the whole family to enjoy.

Pasta with Pesto

1 pound pasta
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 russet potatoes, cubed
1 cup pesto
1 1/2 cups parmigiano cheese, grated

In a large frying pan heat olive oil add cubed potatoes and salt, cook and stir occasionally till golden brown.  Meanwhile in a large pot of boiling water add salt and pasta, cook till al dente.  Add pasta to potatoes top with pesto and mix.  If needed add a little pasta water, then sprinkle with cheese and serve.
Ricette by Chef Chuck's Cucina


  1. Always a favorite in my house. Each summer when I was growing up my grandmother would make batches of pesto and pass it out to the families, but of course we ended up at her house once or twice for a pesto feast. Your post brought back some delicious memories!

  2. Hi Bridgett!
    This is a beautiful thing, to bring back memories through good foods!!
    This is the first time I did not make my own pesto!
    I used a jar from Italy with my new label, Chef Chuck's Cucina food line... It was Delicious!