Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chef Chuck's Pasta with Anchovies

Pasta con le Acciughe

The delicate angel hair pasta paired with the hidden flavor of anchovies, the sweet cherry tomatoes and the melting mozzarella makes this recipe so delicious. Added with the soft crunch of the almonds and the capers this dish is ready as soon as the pasta is al dente. A strong flavored fish the anchovy gives a wonderful taste of the sea to this pasta.

Pasta with Anchovies
1/2 pound angel hair pasta
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
4 anchovies
8 ounces cherry tomatoes, halved
1/4 cup capers, rinsed
6 ounces mozzarella, cut in pieces
1/4 cup sliced almonds

Cook pasta in boiling salted water till al dente. Meanwhile in a large frying pan on heat olive oil and saute garlic a minute add anchovies, stir and crush till they dissolve. Add tomatoes, capers, and almonds, cook on low for 3-4 minutes. Toss pasta into the pan with a little pasta water remove from heat and stir in mozzarella.


  1. This is making my mouth water just looking at it. This will definitley be on our table soon. It's me the Cooking Lady.

  2. Hello Cooking Lady! This is a must!! Thank You, Enjoy :)