Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to the table.

Hello Foodies I am Chef Chuck and I am in the process of putting together a great family food blog. I love to cook and travel the world for great recipes. My blog and website will be up and running soon. Thanks!


  1. Hey CC, This is awesome!! I LOVE your site! Mom's soup looks great (actually - better than I ever remember it looking) I will check back regularly - can't wait to see upcoming recipes/photos/videos, etc. All foodies like me think U R the BEST!!!!!!! (great job on the site)Love, sissy

  2. Keep loving your recipes so far!

  3. Chuck, I've had the pleasure of viewing your many pages here. I must say "are we related???" almost all entries could have been on my Mom's table, really!

    Great blog, looking forward to many more visits here...