Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chef Chuck's Italian Meatloaf

The Eggs are nesting comfortably : )

Chef Chuck's Italian Meat Loaf
This dish brings back memories of my mom in the kitchen making the best she can out of what she had. The smell and flavors are also a reminder of those days at the kitchen table every evening. It smells like GRANDMOTHERS kitchen !!
I guess I am still in the comfort food mode this winter and wanted some good organic beef. The mix of potatoes and peas topped with tomatoes brings that good old home cooking back!!

Chef Chuck's Meat Loaf
1 pound organic ground beef
1 cup Italian bread crumbs

1/2 cup parmigiano cheese grated
2 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons fresh parsley chopped
1 tablespoon flour

2 hard boiled eggs peeled
salt and pepper

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon butter
3 potatoes peeled and small cubes
1 cup peas
1 cup marinara sauce

Combine all ingredients and form into 2 pieces place hard boiled eggs between the 2 pieces and seal with hands. Form into your desired shape. Sprinkle flour on all sides of meat loaf. Heat fry pan add butter and olive oil and brown meat loaf on all sides add potatoes, peas and sauce. Cover and bake 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Internal temperature should be around 160.


  1. Wow Chuck!! I'll bet it does! This one really hits home! Back to my Nonni's table.. it just goes to show how these sure fire comfort recipes remain with us and this is so good. Great dish Chuck!

  2. Wow, a comfort food show-stopper! I have never had it this way, but am going to try. In trying to lighten things up for myself, what is the least ratio of fat to beef that you recommend? Can one use ground turkey also? I can smell this already, it looks SO good! As my Nonni would have said, "mangia e statti zitto"!! Janet

  3. hi!!! i discovered your blog from louise's. i'm loving your cucina, chef chuck. i hope you let me borrow a recipe or 2. :)

  4. Its true Yankeesoaper, Somethings never leave us!

  5. Yes Janet, Turkey would be a good sub for this dish.
    The % of fat is up to you, remember you can keep it lower because the cheese helps with it's own content, more flavor!!

  6. Oh yum, does that look good. Love, love, love meatloaf - total comfort food.

  7. My son asked for this the other night. I mix in either some cooked spinach or mashed boiled eggplant to make it softer (and to hide the vegies). I've never made it together with potatoes and peas. It becomes a complete meal - thanks for the tip!

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  9. Hello Scintilla, That mix sounds good, Thanks for sharing. The peas and potatoes seem to work well together too! Enjoy Chuck

  10. Hello Cate, I am glad you stop by!
    Yes, I agree comfort food it is, I am pleased you like!
    Thank You, Chuck

  11. We make the meatloaf just like this, minus the egg. Even with the potatoes around it. Also, carrots. It is very down home comfort food at it's best!

  12. I am glad you do, Maryann. The added carrots sounds good!

  13. Chuck, That's picture perfect with the eggs popping out! Beautiful, comfort to the 10th degree!

  14. I love meatloaf and yours looks awesome. I have to try it with the egg like that.

  15. Hello to The Food Hunter, Yes it's fun to put the egg in, different texture! Thanks,Chuck

  16. I love this site and I sent it to everyone I know!! My sisters will go crazy! I'll start with the Stuffed Peppers because they sound delish but for fussy Jenn I'll use large pasta shells. Never can forget Nan's thin tomatos sauce, black olives and pinon nuts! Love to all! Linda

  17. Hello Linda, Hope all is going well,Jenn you better try this!! I will do Nan's sauce one day. Yumm!
    We love you.

  18. Hi! My sister Karen sent me this today..

    "I made Chuck's chocolate torta w/vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries and his coconut cookies over the weekend in the Poconos and both were delicious!! Got rave reviews!!"

    She's always cooking for her friends in the Poconos. Jenn wants to make the meatloaf next! Sounds great!
    Love to all

  19. Hello Linda and Jenn, I am happy you guys are enjoying some of my recipes! Keep the good reviews coming!!
    Hello to Frankie!
    Love ya, Chuck