Cannoli alla Siciliana

Holy Cannoli :) !!
Sicilian cannoli, are a pastry dessert. The singular word cannolo, means little tubes. Cannoli originated from Sicily around the 9th century. The shells are deep fried so they are crispy and crunchy. The Marsala wine adds a sweetness to the shells. In Sicily, the cream is from sheep's milk ricotta, which makes them so special. I use the best ricotta I can find. Some cannoli add chopped chocolate chips, pistachio's, candied fruits or even rose water in the cream filling. Always purchase the finest and freshest ingredients to obtain optimum flavor.
As a child I remember when Uncle Vinnie would bring cannoli over all the time!!

Cannoli alla Siciliana

1 cup flour
1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder

2 tablespoons butter
1 egg
pinch of salt

2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup Marsala wine
canola oil for frying

4 steel tubes
2 3/4 cups ricotta cheese drained
2 cups confectioners sugar
1/2 cup heavy cream whipped stiff peaks

4 ounces semi sweet chocolate diced
pinch of cinnamon

In a mixer or food processor combine flour, cocoa, salt and sugar. Add butter in small pieces, egg and Marsala wine and mix. Transfer dough to a well floured board, knead a little, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for one hour. With a rolling pin or pasta machine roll out to a thin sheet and cut in 4 inch squares. Add flour when needed it is a sticky dough. Carefully roll each square around the tube and seal with a dab of water. Heat oil to 375 degrees and fry 1 or 2 at a time. Fry till golden brown about 1 minute. Drain carefully on paper towels, when cooled turn and slide tube out gently. Makes about 10-12 shells.
Filling In a mixer add the ricotta and the sugar till smooth then add chips and cinnamon. Fold in whipped cream and refrigerate. Fill shells when ready to serve to prevent soggy shells. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Optional dip ends in chocolate chips or pistachio nuts.


  1. DEAR CANOLLI! Nick and I will be RIGHT over.....

  2. Yes my love's, Better hurry up!!

  3. Chef Chuck those look so good. If I could even make those half as good I would be happy!! Other than that, I will just drool over your Canolli!!

  4. Hi Ginger, I am glad you like, I am sure you can do it if I can!!
    Thanks Chuck

  5. OhMyGoSh!! These are my absolute weakness! Chef Chuck, set another plate at the table, I'm on my way..!! {{{giggle}}} Janet

  6. Hello La Due and Crew, We all have our weaknesses!

  7. I love canolli and yours look delicious.

  8. Chuck - Not fair, not fair. Posting these at breakfast when all I had was some yogurt and fruit. I WANT CANOLLI.

  9. My Mum was a great cannoli maker too. I really miss them. They look too fiddly for me. I'll have to just sample yours!

  10. Hi Scintilla, Good sweet memories!!

  11. Hi Ciao,Chow,Linda, Your breakfast is much healthier!!, but not as sweet! Thanks

  12. I had an Uncle Funzi who not only brought canolli over all the time, he also made Crab Sauce on special occasions!

    Thanks for the memories Chef Chuck! They look Delicious!

  13. Will you marry me Chuck? Just kidding. I got introduced to cannolis, how, I cannot remember. If there was one dessert left to eat on this Earth, it would be cannolis!

  14. Hi Louise, Thank God for Uncle's!!, that Crab sauce sounds very good, do you still make this sauce?
    Thanks, Chuck

  15. Hello Cooking Lady, I hear the bells!! I am glad it's your favorite. Thanks

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