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Hello Everyone!
I would like you to know a little something about myself.
My name is Chef Chuck from Chef Chuck's Cucina.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
My objective is bringing families around the dinner table, to share, laugh and eat!
Chef Chuck's Cucina is proud in bringing healthy Italian products into the kitchens across the world. These unique foods consist of only artisan handcrafted foods, using the freshest ingredients that Italy is famous for. Many of these food products come from the enriched soils of famous northern Italy region, which is proven in the wonderful flavors of these foods.
The pride involved in producing these foods is unsurpassed in the world !
For one example, the stuffed pasta's are carefully hand made, a long forgotten art.
The fact that I am now importing these fabulous foods, is only an extension of what my family roots was doing many years ago on the Amalfi coast in Italy in 15th century.
We were noble importers of olive oils, grains and spices plus other items.
I am also a regular on NBC for many years showing my passion for food to millions of my viewers and teaching them how to cook simple yet healthy Italian foods.
At this blog is where you will find over 350 great Italian recipes, some new and traditional.
I have dedicated my life to food, and this allows me in exposing to families and communities how to live healthy. I am also a culinary instructor within many school districts Internationally. I enjoy demonstrating to young people good eating habits. As we all come to realize we have an obesity problem in America. Recently a student came to me and cried as she explained to me how sad she feels about her weight and about her mother's bad case of diabetes. She was looking to me for some answers. She wanted to know how to bring healthy foods into her families life. She also wanted a better way of life. This motivates me to help the younger generation.
That is why I partnered with local families that produce healthy foods in Italy. I am now bringing these healthy foods into each of our homes. I am very proud to be associated with being a true ambassador of   "Made in Italy " food product's.
Simply doing what my family has done in the past.
Sharing wonderful foods and sharing a way of life!
Thank you very much…

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