Meeting Top Chef " Lidia "

It was my pleasure to meet the great Italian chef "Lidia" in New York City.  Her kindness was just as great as her cooking, as we all know! I had a successful press conference in the city, where my food line was  launched.  Chef Chuck's Cucina project consists of "made in Italy" foods and wine products.  We have a unique handmade pasta line.  The King of cheese, parmigiano reggiano and grana padano.  An all natural jams and marmalade line made with only the freshest ingredients.  A condiment line with many homemade sauces, such as pesto, figs, white truffle....  Also a line of tomato sauces and extra virgin olive oil, and to top it off an excellent wine producer from below the Italian Alps.  The goal of the project it to be on the American market by 2012. 


  1. How wonderful! I love Lidia! I wish you the best with your endeavor!

  2. She is a wonderful person to meet! Thank you...