Chef Chuck's Eggs in Purgatory

Uova al Purgatorio

Eggs in Purgatory is a very spicy tomato sauce with fresh eggs poached gently on top. I enjoy the eggs served over crusty Italian bread. This recipe is simple, inexpensive and really delicious. With any left over sauce, serve with pasta.

Eggs in Purgatory
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon hot pepper flakes
1/2 cup finely chopped onions
pinch of salt
1 large can of tomato sauce
parmigiano cheese, grated

In a small sauce pan heat olive oil and brown paste, oregano and red hot pepper flakes for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add onions, salt and cook an additional 2 minutes. Pour in tomato sauce simmer for 20 minutes, with lid on. When sauce is boiling gently add eggs cover and cook 2-3 minutes. Sprinkle with parmigiana cheese and red hot pepper flakes, serve over bread.


  1. i just adore this dish. i have yet to make my own at home, but love to order when i'm out. extra bread of course. and yes, i love it spicy!!!

  2. Hello Dawn, I agree, this one is so simple, and satisfying!!
    Thank you :)

  3. My grandmother used to make me this for when I came home from school starving. Yes, I was spoilt. I still love it and it always reminds me of her.

  4. Hi Scintilla, That's a good Grandmother, they are known to this!{spoiled}
    I know as a grandfather my "Isabella" is spoiled, and I love it!!
    Enjoy, thank you:)

  5. This is one of my favorite breakfast/lunch dishes. Just yummy!!

  6. Hello Cake Duchess, I am with you on that!!
    Thank you:)

  7. I have never tried it this way before. remember how the old Italian would toast up the bread with the middle torn out and egg put in there? That is how I remember having it with a drizzle of sauce over. This must have been incredible too. Creative, once again.

  8. Hi Bridgett, Yes, I do remember that almost like pigs in a blanket.
    Thank you :)